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Financial Aid

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We are pleased to forward to you information regarding the programs of financial assistance available to you at Rudae’s School of Beauty Culture, Inc. Our Financial Aid officer may be reached at the phone numbers below, if you have any questions.

Financial Aid at Rudae’s School of Beauty Culture, Inc. includes grants, which are gifts of money that do not need to be repaid, loans (Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Loan and Plus Loan) which requires repayment of the loan, plus interest. They offer a way to bridge the gap between what the student can provide and the cost of attending this school.

Federal Programs:
The U.S. Department of Education, in partnership with schools of postsecondary education in the United States, provide funds to those who qualify under the Pell Grant Program to assist you in furthering your education. Rudae’s School of Beauty Culture, Inc. participates in these financial aid programs.

Pell Grants Programs:
This program provides non-repayable grants to students based upon a Federal analysis of their family financial strengths. These could range from $0.00 to $6195.00 for the current Academic Year.

Federal Subsidized/Unsubsidized Direct Loan Program:
These are available to those students who need financial assistance to further their education. They are made through the Federal government and are repayable at the end of your training program with interest added.

Also Available is the Direct PLUS Program:
PLUS loans are for parents who want to borrow to help pay for their children’s education.

Median Loan Debt:
In addition to any grant and scholarship aid for which they are eligible, 89.10% of graduates used loans to finance their education. The median loan debt for each program is as follows.

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  • Federal loans $9833.00 to $16500.00
  • Private educational loans $0.00
  • Institution financing plan $0.00

Instructor Training:

  • Federal loans $5500.00 to $9500.00
  • Private educational loans $0.00
  • Institution financing plan $0.00


  • Federal loans $5500.00 to $9500.00
  • Private educational loans $0.00
  • Institution financing plan $0.00


  • Federal loans $3666.00 to $6333.00
  • Private educational loans $0.00
  • Institution financing plan $0.00

How Do I Become Eligible For Financial Aid?

  1. Be a Citizen, National or Permanent Resident of the U.S.
  2. On the basis of an analysis of you and/or family’s income and assets showing financial needs (also called eligibility) for an award.
  3. Have a High School diploma or G.E.D.
  4. Be attending classes on at least a halftime basis.
  5. Be making satisfactory progress toward the completion of your course.

Payment Plans For Cosmetology, Instructor Training, Esthetics, Manicuring

  • Payment Plan A: Pay total amount within 90 days.
  • Payment Plan B: Student Loans; and or VA benefits to cover cost of tuition.
  • Payment Plan C: Monthly/Weekly payments
  • Payment Plan D: Combination of monthly/weekly payments and financial aid.